Savita Bhabhi Episode 5 – Servant Boy

Check out the Savita Bhabhi Episode 5 in which how she is doing the massage with the young boy. He came to clean the house but now he got another gift from the boy.

Savita Bhabhi Episode 5

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Ramu(servant) was cleaning the house, and he went inside the Savita bhabhi room to clean, and Savita bhabhi was changing clothes. What the fuck! Ramu, how dare you come inside without knocking at the door, you freak boy, Savita shouted in a loud voice.

Sorry, Bhabhi, I swear bhabhi I didn’t know you were in here, please don’t tell Malik( Savita Husband) Ramu said in a crying tone. Tsk! Okay, I will forgive you, do one thing Ramu come here and massage my back with this oil, it’s hurting, Savita said while giving him a lustful look, and opened the hook of her Petticoat and laid there in her bra.

Okay, bhabhi, Ramu said while thinking in his mind; God, what a goddess she looks right now, her skin, boobs, and the ass. Ramu started to rub the oil on bhabhi back, and Savita started moaning softly(good Ramu, oh yeah just there, that’s the spot) Ramu came in front of Savita bhabhi while massaging bhabhi.

Then suddenly, Savita saw his boner from his lower and thought how huge his dick looks. Savita pulled out the dick from lower and started sucking on it, Bhabhi! What are you doing? Malik will come; I don’t want to get fired, said Ramu with a scared look on his face. Don’t worry; he won’t be back till the evening, and Savita got up and kissed him.

Now Ramu was in the heat too; He threw Savita on the bed and started licking her pussy, Oh Ramu that’s it ( No one touched me, like that ever) Gosh Ramu, Savita bhabhi said while moaning. Ramu bent her over and pushed his big cock inside her pussy, and started fucking Savita.

Savita started going crazy, and she grabbed Ramu and kissed him, Oo Ramu, I will cum, you make me mad, Savita said while biting Ramu’s hand. Bhabhi, I will cum too; where should I cum? Cum in my mouth, Ramu. I want to taste it, hearing that Ramu pulled out his dick and shoved it inside Savita’s mouth and filled it with his warm cum.