Savita Bhabhi Episode 9 – Sexy Shopping

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Read the details of Savita Bhabhi Episode 9 – Sexy Shopping

Actually, Savita Bhabhi is frustrated with their old clothes, and she wants to go shopping to try out different kinds of clothes like lingerie. She is searching for the boutique shop where she can quickly purchase the best clothes. Savita went to the best shop and already asking for the lingerie. She has already found a salesman who has fucked her recently. He is continually flirting with her and touching the boobs of Savita.

He is showing the transparent lingerie to Savi, which is worn by a new model. She is searching for the trial room and wants to try lingerie. That’s why the salesman is guiding her to the trial room. There is a particular secret camera available in the trial room where the salesman and his boos are enjoying everything. They are seeing that Savita is changing the dress and slowly getting the nude in front of the camera.

Both are continually masturbating while watching the Savita Bhabhi. His boss is already attracted to the bigger boobs and sexy vagina of the Bhabhi. After a few minutes, when Savita Bhabhi comes to the salesman, then he is talking about the boobs of the vagina. Both are talking that they are already attracted to the sexual appearance of the Bhabhi. Her salesman is touching & grabbing the ass of Savita.

The mood of Savi is getting changes too. Now, Savi is moving her sari & blouse to shows her bigger boobs.  They are already getting involved in the threesome act. Salesman and his boss are continually sucking the bigger boobs. Now Savit is sucking the bigger cock of salesman. After giving the blowjob, the salesman is putting the cock into the pussy of Savi. Now both are getting proper fun and relaxation.