Savita Bhabhi Episode 14 – Sexpress

Savita Bhabhi Episode 14 – Sexpress

Savita Bhabhi Episode 14

It is going to be a more interesting story where Savita Bhabi has already met their beloved college friend, and she shared a particular incident that has already occurred in college time. Savita Bhabi isn’t a good student at the college. She is considered as poor in the mathematics. Therefore, it was Saturday when her college teacher calls her for the coaching. After that, she has met with their mathematics professor at the room.

Actually, she wants to pass out the class with good enough marks. Therefore, she has decided to do sex with the professor. To pass the math exam, she is giving everything to the professor. So, when she entered in the room of professor. She started crying because Savita cannot pass in the mathematic exam.

After that, Savita started to exposes her bigger boobs. When the professor touched the heavy breasts of Savita, he is getting the sexual temptation. He is continually sucking the heavy breasts like a kid. When he is pressing the big boobs, his cock automatically rises in the sexual temptation. It was one of the great moments for the Savita because her professor sucks bigger boobs for at least 10 minutes.

Now, she is pressing his hard cock in the room. She is already finding that his hard cock is already coming out of his pant. Savita is offering a blowjob to the professor. So, she is sucking cock for a lot of time, and he is doing cock wet in the mouth. After some time, the professor is licking the pussy of Savita that is making her wet on the bed. And then both had the sexual pleasures. They are fulfilling their darkest fantasies on the bed. He is fucking the Savita with 69 positions.