Savita Bhabhi Episode 13 – College Girl Savvi


Savitha ParticipatiSavita Bhabhi Episode 13 – College Girl Savvi – Savita Bhabhing in beauty competition!!!

Savita Bhabhi Episode 13

The majority of the folks are waiting for such an episode where Savita Bhabi is going to take part in a particular beauty competition. This is going to model blowing. Savita has everything like genuine shape to display everything as a model. She has meat with a receptionist who is saying that you should go into the banquet hall where every contestant is sitting.

She is really nervous because Savita didn’t know that how to enter the competition as a contestant? Recently, Savita has joined the company, and her boss is already instructing her to look after the event. Savita is going to win the contest because she had the sex with a person who is a judge of the contest. Savita wants to win a contest at any content. That’s why Savita wants to impress her judge again with sexual pleasure.

Savita is going to do intense fuck with judge. After completing the audition, she has invited their judge for the candlelight dinner. Savita has worn a sexy dress to shows her hot figure. When both are making dinner in a private room, her judge suddenly started kissing the Savita. Now, Savita in the mood, and she wants to satisfy her darkest fantasies with her judge. She is slowly removing the clothes of her judge.

Now, both are completely nude, and she is sucking the dick of judge. Both are getting the wild. Her judge is continually eating the boobs of Savita. He is putting the cock in pussy of Savita. They are doing the intense fuck o the road-side. After a few minutes, Savita holds a doggy style position and they are doing the anal sex. Both are continually enjoying sex at night. After next day , Savita won the beauty competition due to the Judge.