Savita Bhabhi Episode 2 – The Cricket

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Savita Bhabhi is watching Tv when suddenly a ball comes in from a window. This ball must be from those buildings kids, tsk said Savita. After five minutes, the doorbell rang, and Savita opened the door and saw two young and handsome 18 to 19 year, old guys.

Auntie, sorry, the guy shot the ball at your house, can we please have our cricket ball back? Savita invited them inside to wait until she looked for the ball.

Savita Bhabhi bends over to look under the sofa, and as she bends over, her big round ass was making those guys horny. Damn! Dude, what a sexy bitch she is, look at her ass the boys whispered to each other.

Oh God, I’m stuck, can you pull me out? One of them holds her thin waistline, while the other grabs her just below the boobs and pulls out Savita in one pull, Savita bhabhi ends up on the guy’s lap, and another guy falls on the top of Savita bhabhi.

Fuck it; I want to fuck you bhabhi, saying that the guy started kissing and groping Savita bhabhi boobs, while others took her clothes off. Mhmm, don’t Oof, stop it, Savita bhabhi said in a sexy voice while moaning. Oh Bhabhi, what a slut you are, the guy said while putting his cock in her mouth.

Savita Bhabhi sucked it while the other guy fucked Savita in her pussy. Oh, I’m going crazy, yes! Fuck your Bhabhi, Fuck me hard like a slut boys, Savita Bhabhi said while her eyes roll to the back of her head. Oh Bhabhi, I’m going to cum, fuck me too, said the boys, and they came all over Savita bhabhi mouth.