Savita Bhabhi Episode 3 – The Party

Check out the Savita Bhabhi Episode 3 both the couples goes to the party. Now in the party how they enjoys the sex in this episode.

Savita Bhabhi Episode 3

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The Great Savita Bhabhi. I’m glad you made it ” her friend smiled then hug her “So, you are Savita Bhabhi, nice to meet you. I’m Kevin” the man who winks at her earlier introduce his self “Nice to meet you too” The party went well some people have drunk already even her.

Do you know where the restroom is? Savita asked, “Yes, I can assist you there, not safe your drunk ” “do you sure this is the restroom?” Bhabhi asks cause they are far from the people “yes, bhabhi, we are here now” the man opens a door and guides bhabhi Inside” bhabhi, look inside but didn’t see a cubicle “Kevin? Are you–” bhabhi didn’t finish her words when she felt the man touch her waist and pull her to his body the man cover her mouth and fondle her big breast from behind “hmmm–!” Bhabhi whimper, “shhh. Just enjoy bitch” she grips bhabhi breast so hard she pushes bhabhi to the door and hump her “feel it? I’m so hard for you, bhabhi,” Savati whimper when she felt his cock to her butt.

The man lifts her dress, pulls down her panty, and then touches her big butt then contacts her pussy” Your pussy is wet bitch do you want this too?” He slides a finger inside bhabhi pussy and starts to pump it ” you so wet slut, bet you want me to fuck you now, eh?” The man pulls out his hard dick.

Savita felt him so hardness the man put his dick to her entrance and plugin “ahh so tight and wet” he grips Savati breast she pinches her nipples and fuck her harder ” fuck bhabhi! You so good ahh..” she held Savati’s waist and thrust deeper Savati moan the man grip her breast then thrust faster ” I’m cumming! fuck!” Savita shouted, ” ahh. Savati fuck your so thought! Ahh. I’m cumming” the man thrust faster. He reached his climax. They fix themselves self then leave and pretend nothing happened.