Savita Bhabhi Episode 4 – The Perfect Hostess

In this Savita Bhabhi Episode 4 episode you are going to see that how the bhabhi is going to having the sex with the cousin. How she becomes a perfect hostess and then she gives the perfect hospitality to this guys.

Savita Bhabhi Episode 4

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On a beautiful night, Savita Bhabhi was preparing dinner for his cousin’s brother Raj; The doorbell rang, and Savita Bhabhi opened the door and invited Raj inside. You are looking good and in shape Raj Bhaiya, doing some workout? Savita asked while touching his arms and passing a lustful smile to him.

Ah, yeah, I have to stay fit; you look beautiful as well Savita, you have grown a lot since the last time we were together. Last time when we were together, you took my virginity bhaiya; Savita thought in her mind and replied, thank you, Bhaiya.

They all had dinner after that Raj and Savita’s husband started drinking, and Savita said I’m going to take shower honey, you boys enjoy. Savita entered the room and winked at Raj while keeping the door open. I will use the washroom you drink, brother in law; Raj went inside and saw Savita naked.

He took off his clothes and jumped right in, grabbed Savita, and started kissing her lips. Mhmm Bhaiya, since you took my virginity, I can’t get you out my mind, Savita whispered in a soft voice. Savita darling, even I can’t forget you and your pussy, it was the best one I fucked, while saying that Raj started squeezing and licking her boobs.

Oh yeah, bhaiya, Aah Savita moaned and then slowly grabbed Raj dick and started sucking it hard. You still suck the best; after that, Raj bend over Savita and started fucking her pussy, Ooo Raj; it so big, gosh, I can’t take it, God! Bhaiya, I’m going to cum on your hard dick Savita moaned. I’m going to cum to Savita and saying that Raj pulled out his dick and made Savita swollen his cum.